Commoditizing Speech Recognition

Imagine an ASR system that recognizes all users in
any language, without bias to accents, regional dialects
or speaking conditions. Welcome to our evolving world


What We Do

VoicEncode’s engine leverages our innovative algorithm and uses the most sophisticated machine learning technology to understand all users under various speaking conditions and pronunciation differences. Our system is trained with minimum data and dramatically improves the accuracy at minimal cost.

Why Us

Our core technology is powered by a highly efficient speech encoding algorithm that extracts universal features that are shared by all humans. It then normalizes the extracted features to our unique consistent representation, enabling simple and more efficient integration with machine learning tools. This unique technology enables us to boost accuracy through a fast end-to-end training process.

Easily integrate VoicEncode Platform with your existing pipeline through our 3-stage process:


Get important insights about your users’ voice experience

During this stage, send us recordings and the engine’s (e.g. Google Cloud Speech API) results, including confidence scores

Comparing the engine’s results with the actual human-transcriptions will set your accuracy baseline

Set your performance goals (min. true recognition and/or max. false recognition rates) and get calibrated thresholds for the confidence scores


Speech recognition solution that is tailored to your data – fast!

All speech recognition solutions use machine learning tools that keep learning and improving. Their main drawbacks are a need for vast amount of data and a strong bias toward majority groups

Our unique technology requires considerably less data and learns YOUR data much faster

At the end of the Measure stage, keep sending us recordings for free to get speech recognition tailored to your data


Maximize recognition accuracy for many underserved users

When enough data is gathered for initial calibration of our models, start paying only for cases that fall below the calibrated thresholds

Monitor your improving performance through our periodic analysis reviews to make sure you’re getting the desired experience

Let's bring great speech recognition to everyone. Together!

Start improving your speech recognition accuracy today



Our platform supplies you with speech-metrics that state the accuracy for all of your users

The discrimination-factor that represents the bias towards certain groups is one of the figures we aim to reduce for the benefit of your users

Multilingual and accent-proof

VoicEncode’s technology was not developed for a specific language and can improve accuracy for many languages globally

In addition, the (non-deep) machine learning tools we are using allow us to deliver you the same voice experience for various speaking styles (e.g. accents and speech-impairment) and diverse speaking conditions

Simple Integration

We developed our architecture as a RESTful API to give you an easy and low-cost integration

Flexible data sharing

You can choose whether you want to share your data with others and benefit from their data, or keep your data private and secure

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